In August 2012 puppet Django set off to explore Eastern Europe – escorted by a tailor, a photographer and a writer. The mission: To transform old things and thoughts. The result: A fantastic patchwork of stories, pictures and experiences. In every place that Django has visited he has found a new companian who helps him to prove the power of fantasy.

Thanks to all the people who have shared their rags, their time, their way, their world with us!

2012 © Photos | Efi Kontogeorgou

Django’s journey will be documented in a magic book and his experience will be presented at different events in Ruse, Bremen, and Berlin. If you have met Django or if you want to meet him, feel free to leave a note and pictures under Blog. This project is one of the winners of the competition “ 2012“ – a programme of the Schering-Stiftung and the association MitOst e.V. For further information click support. For a German project description click here.

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